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About Us


To provide global fire protection services to our clients in an expeditious and professional manner while maintaining an unparalleled level of quality and pride in everything we do.


Titan Fire protection was founded on three main principles. Deliver exceptional customer service, communicate clearly and concisely with our customers, and develop a team environment that appreciates and awards creativity, diversity, and ambition.

At Titan Fire Protection we understand cost is typically the single largest factor in the procurement process. However, we believe that our clients should not have to sacrifice value, professionalism, and quality in order to meet budget constraints. We believe that by taking the extra time to understand the needs of the end user we are able to provide a superior level of protection at a cost that correlates with the scope of work.

We at Titan Fire Protection promise to listen to the needs of our clients and investigate all the possible solutions. We further promise to educate our clients on the best path forward, execute the solution in a manner that exceeds expectations, on budget, on time, every time.

At Titan Fire Protection we believe in a team philosophy, not just from our employees, but from our customers, our trade partners, vendors, and our associates. We are constantly striving to maintain a friendly creative work environment that respects diversity, creativity, and hard work. We firmly believe that it takes a team to make every project a successful, enjoyable, and profitable endeavor.

We understand that you as a potential customer have an endless amount of contractors to choose from. However, given the opportunity, Titan Fire Protection will deliver an unparalleled level of service, professionalism, and quality, exceeding your expectations and making you a part of our team for life.


Titan Fire Protection is a Proud Member of the Following Associations:


At Titan Fire Protection, we take an active role in developing your fire protection strategy, not just reiterating the project documents or the prescriptive requirements back to you. We will never charge you a fee for an estimate or consultation.

Key features of developing your personal Fire Protection strategy include:

Visiting the project site and surveying existing conditions.
Interviewing the end users and key stakeholders.
Meeting with the Authority Having Jurisdiction.
Reviewing project documents (Drawings, specifications, addendum’s).
Generating Requests for Information.

Obviously not every project will follow the steps above however, we will do our best to gather as much information as possible and present solutions to you in a clear an concise manner, assisting you in any way possible in your procurement decision.

We look forward to discussing your project and assisting you in the development of a cost effective solution for your Fire Protection needs.


Titan Fire Protection has the capacity and knowledge to perform both commercial and residential projects in the private and public sectors. We pride ourselves in bringing together a diverse team with unique and valuable experiences.