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Easy Tips for Safe Summer Grilling

by | Aug 11, 2021

Flipping a row of broiling veggies or sizzling burgers is one of summer’s simple pleasures. But there’s danger in the flame, with potential for damage far worse than a charred dinner.

Whether you prefer charcoal or gas, a relaxed attitude around your grill can mean safety is taken for granted. And that casual atmosphere can lead to serious injury.

“On average close to 20,000 patients nationwide visit emergency rooms each year because of injuries involving grills,” said Kevin Omilusik, MD, Munson Healthcare Paul Oliver Memorial Hospital Emergency Department Medical Director. “Nearly half (forty-eight percent) of these injuries are thermal burns from both fire and contact with hot objects.”

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Caldor Fire seen from Space

Caldor Fire seen from Space

The Caldor Fire raging near Lake Tahoe on the border of U.S. states of California and Nevada has been captured in a stunning time-lapse video by a satellite in orbit, showing the scale of the massive wildfire.

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